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Knowledge Center Universal Lean pipe
Lean tube is the most commonly used basic material in lean production. It can be combined with special fittings such as joints to form industrial equipment such as workbench, turnaround truck, shelf and lean production line. It has good convenience, low production cost, easy refitting, and material can be recycled. The cost of refitting is low.
Tutorial GuideAluminium alloy lean pipe
Low-cost automation LCIA High-tech automation level at the lowest cost LCA is a popular product of high-tech, or high-tech is its core part
RecommendationsAluminium profile
Aluminum profiles are used for the assembly of industrial equipment such as workbenches, trolleys, conveyors, etc. Light weight, excellent molding, high strength, corrosion resistance, long life, renewable, less pollution, low maintenance costs and many other advantages
RecommendationsRoller Track Series
Fluent strips are mainly used for storage, shelf supporting products, can be used as slides, guardrails, guide devices, flexible rotation.
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